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Funds go the lifestyle way

UTI Mutual Fund seems to have hopped on to this bandwagon pretty late. It has just launched its lifestyle fund to join others already in the fray.

Name of fund: UTI-India Lifestyle Fund

Scheme: Close-ended, Equity Diversified

Tenure of fund: 3 years after which it will convert into an open-ended scheme

Objective: To provide long term capital appreciation and / or income distribution from a diversified portfolio of equity and equity related instruments of companies that are expected to benefit from changing Indian demographics, Indian lifestyles and rising consumption pattern

Asset allocation: Equity (stocks and equity related instruments likely to benefit from changing Indian demographics, Indian lifestyle, rising consumption pattern): 65%-100%
Equity (other stocks and equity related instruments): 0%-35%
Debt/ Money Market / Securitised debt: 0%-20%

Fund opened: July 2, 2007

Fund closes: July 25, 2007

Face Value: Rs 10

Investment options:
Growth, Dividend with payout facility

Entry load: Nil

Exit load: Equivalent to the unamortized NFO expenses will be recovered from the investor in case of redemption before the expiry of 3 years from the date of allotment.

Minimum investment amount: Rs 5,000

Benchmark Index: S&P CNX 500