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Tech Funds Grab Spotlight

Infotech funds have been the biggest gainers over the last quarter

Neither the equity nor the fixed income investors would have been disappointed in the month of September as none of the fund categories lost on an average.

After registering a modest fall of 0.02 per cent last month, BSE Sensex gained a handsome 9.32 per cent in September 2009, virtually doubling in six months.

The gains by BSE Sensex were mirrored by BSE SmallCap, which registered a growth of 8.48 per cent. In comparison, BSE MidCap gained 7.50 per cent.

Certain indices continued to behave in an unpredictable manner in September as well. Who would have thought that BSE Bankex, which had posted negative returns last month, would come out with outstanding returns in September, surging 18.11 per cent, which it actually did.

Apart from BSE Bankex, the rally was led by BSE Metal, and BSE Auto indices. While BSE Metal surged 14.49 per cent, it was BSE Auto which posted returns of 13.37 per cent for the month of September, yet another successful month for the index.

Interestingly, none of the indices registered negative returns though, BSE FMCG index, which registered historically highest returns of 17.63 per cent in July, breaking records of December 2003, came close to doing so after posting returns of 0.87 per cent.

Coming down to mutual fund categories, the performance of the diversified equity funds remained unpredictable as ever with the category posting returns of 7.34 per cent. This comes after it gained 2.87 per cent in August. They gained 19.83 per cent for the entire quarter.

The maximum returns posted by a fund in this category was 11.93 per cent (Reliance Equity Opportunities Institutional), while the minimum was 1.00 per cent (Edelweiss Absolute Return Equity).

Equity Banking posted the highest returns for the month of September with 13.50 per cent while it was followed by Equity Pharma as they posted returns of 11.39 per cent. Pharma funds gained 31.57 per cent this quarter, but were dwarfed by 35.83 per cent gains by the Technology funds, which were the top gainers among all the equity fund categories.

The medium and long term gilt funds posted a return of 0.94 per cent after loosing 1.36 per cent in August. They still lost 0.57 per cent in the quarter. The story for liquid funds remained dismal this month as well as they posted returns of 0.28 per cent as against three-month returns 0.91 per cent.

However, Gold ETFs, which invest in physical gold, have gained for all the three months of this quarter. It had gained 2.94 per cent for the month of August, and they posted returns of 3.19 per cent in September as against three month returns of 7.02 per cent.


Category Performances
Category    Returns    
     1 Month    3 Months
Equity: Banking   13.50   17.69
Equity: Pharma   11.39   31.57
Equity: Index   10.52   18.51
Equity: Technology   7.85   35.83
Equity: Tax Planning   7.48   19.94
Equity: Diversified   7.34   19.83
Hybrid: Equity-oriented   5.78   12.98
Equity: Speciality   5.69   18.13
Equity: FMCG   1.75   19.11
Hybrid: Monthly Income   1.52   3.60
Gilt: Medium & Long-term   0.94   -0.57
Debt: Medium-term Institutional   0.73   0.30
Debt: Medium-term   0.57   0.36
Debt: Floating Rate Long-term Inst   0.53   1.66
Debt: Floating Rate Long-term   0.47   1.30
Debt: Short-term Institutional   0.46   1.26
Debt: Short-term   0.45   1.13
Debt: Liquid Plus Inst   0.39   1.21
Debt: Speciality   0.38   1.20
Debt: Liquid Plus   0.36   1.14
Debt: Floating Rate Short-term   0.33   1.03
Debt: Ultra Short-term Institutional   0.32   1.04
Debt: Floating Rate Short-term Inst   0.31   0.98
Gilt: Short-term   0.31   0.13
Debt: Ultra Short-term   0.28   0.91
Hybrid: Asset Allocation   4.67   6.94
Gold ETF   3.19   7.02
Hybrid: Debt-oriented   2.11   4.30
Hybrid: Arbitrage   0.38   0.95


Indices This Month
Index    Returns    
     1 Month    3 Months
BSE Bankex   18.11   20.02
BSE Metal   14.49   30.89
BSE Auto   13.37   46.20
BSE Healthcare Index   12.90   24.00
BSE IT Index   9.55   39.05
BSE Oil & Gas   7.17   11.56
BSE Teck Index   7.02   25.25
BSE CD   6.43   18.56
BSE PSU Index   6.28   12.45
BSE CG   4.61   7.50
BSE Power   2.81   8.22
BSE Realty   2.18   40.61
BSE FMCG Index   0.87   13.84
BSE Sensex   9.32   18.17
S&P CNX Nifty   9.05   18.48
BSE Small Cap   8.48   32.23
BSE Mid Cap   7.50   24.58