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Exit Anxiety

To sell or hold on the investment

I have invested Rs 10,000 each in Fidelity Equity, Kotak Opportunities and Reliance Vision on January 16, 2008. Please suggest whether I should sell these off or continue to hold them till I get a positive return. In case you advice me to exit these funds, please suggest some funds that I can invest in. I am a long-term investor.
-Kishalay Mitra

Your choice of funds is good. Fidelity Equity and Reliance Vision are diversified large-cap funds. They have done well in the past and have not been very badly hit by the last year’s market crash. They still hold promise and are likely to do reasonably well when the markets recoup. Kotak Opportunities is an aggressive fund. This fund too has proved its merit in the past when the markets were doing good. It does well when the markets are on a rise and falls harder when the markets fall. So, stay put.

The lesson here is to always invest systematically over a period of time so that you are not caught in a situation where you invest a lump-sum amount when the markets had just fallen from their peaks.

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