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Concerns over Kotak Opportunities

Kotak opportunities is not for a cautious investor

I have been investing in Kotak Opportunities for the past two years through SIPs. The fund has fallen down from a 5-star rating to 3-stars. Please suggest whether I should continue with it or switch to Kotak 30. My time horizon is ten years.
-    Shailendra Dwivedi

Kotak Opportunities has fallen on hard times. It is an aggressive fund and capitalizes on opportunities in the market.

The fund has proved its merit in the past and can deliver impressively when its picks work. Especially for a longer time horizon of 10 years, the fund can yield better than an equity diversified fund. But you must be prepared to bear the volatility it comes with.

If you are cautious and cannot take risk, then you can switch to Kotak 30 which is a good diversified large cap fund.

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