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Templeton Pays quarterly dividends in two debt funds

Templeton Mutual Fund has paid quarterly dividends in two of the debt funds namely; Templeton India Income Fund (TIIF) and Templeton India G-Sec Fund (TIGSF) with a record date for June 15, 2001.

A dividend of 2.50% (Rs 0.250 per unit) was paid in TIIF. An open-ended medium term debt fund, the fund has posted a total return of 13.66% and aggregate dividend of 21 % over the 8 quarterly periods.

TIGSF has paid a dividend of 2.75% (Rs 0.275 per unit). TIGSF, an open-end medium & long term Gilt Fund was launched in June 1999. The fund has doled out an aggregate dividend of 20% over 8 quarterly periods till date.