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Benchmark change in schemes of DSP Mutual Fund

DSP Mutual Fund has decided to change the Benchmark of following schemes with effect from December 01, 2019:

DSP Low Duration FundCRISIL LiquidNIFTY Low Duration Debt
DSP Ultra Short FundCRISIL LiquidCRISIL Ultra Short Term Debt
DSP Savings FundCRISIL LiquidCRISIL Money Market
DSP Banking & PSU DebtCRISIL Short-Term BondNifty Banking & PSU Debt
DSP BondCRISIL Composite Bond (50), CRISIL Short-Term Bond (50)CRISIL Medium Term Debt
DSP Credit Risk FundCRISIL Composite Bond (50), CRISIL Short-Term Bond (50)CRISIL Short Term Credit Risk