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Which sectors should one invest in post-GST?

Dhirendra Kumar talks about some of the implications of GST and suggests what a regular investor should do

Transcript: Don't try to find specific businesses or sectors that will be the beneficiaries of GST. This is why you hire a fund manager. In the short run, most businesses will suffer because of the GST realignment. Different businesses will be impacted differently. Small businesses will suffer. Some businesses will find it difficult. Some will find it easy because now they can produce or sell anywhere with much less friction. Businesses in the long term will benefit. Large businesses, especially consumer-facing ones will benefit more. GST is a fair, predictable and transparent system. But we have to see what sort of glitch its transition involves. I'm generally apprehensive of something of such a large scale being done by the government. The government is showing signs of greater efficiency than in the past but the sheer scale of GST is bound to come with some issues which will cause dissonance. I generally urge you not to consider a thematic or sector fund to take advantage of GST. Choose a good fund and the fund manager will take care of GST.

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