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Where can I get information on changes in fund portfolios?

Dhirendra Kumar says how to find fund portfolio changes on VRO and also gives his outlook on multicap returns

Multicap funds gave us 12-18% when interest rates were 9-10%. With rates of 6-7%, can we expect 12-15% returns? And where can we get information about changes in fund portfolios?
- Kishore, Faridabad

Transcript: Returns of 12-15% depend entirely on our economy and our companies. I'm very optimistic on these compared to others. Given the present reforms, we should be more optimistic about the future compared to what we saw over the past 15-20 years.

You'll find fund portfolios (updated every month) on every fund page on ValueResearchOnline. The Portfolio tab on every fund page shows the fund's portfolio along with additions, increase and decrease in holdings.

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