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ICICI Prudential offers switch-out facility under Multiple Yield and Capital Protection Oriented Funds

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has enabled investors to submit switch-out requests during NFOs or any period before maturity for Multiple Yield Funds(MYFs) and Capital Protection Oriented Funds(CPOs). The switch can be made to other MYFs & CPOs, whose NFO period is running at the time of maturity of the MYFs & CPOs or open-ended schemes (except Exchange Traded Funds) of the fund house.

The fund house has decided to roll over the following schemes:

Scheme NamePeriod of ExtensionRevised Maturity Date
ICICI Pru FMP Series 74-369D Plan I804 daysJuly 24, 2017
ICICI Pru FMP Series 74-368D Plan J798 days
ICICI Pru FMP Series 71-547D Plan B803 days

The fund house has also announced dividend under ICICI Pru FMP Series 71 547D Plan B Reg-D and ICICI Pru FMP Series 71 547D Plan B Direct-D. The quantum of dividend shall be ₹0.0361 per unit.

The record date has been fixed as May 13, 2015.