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Year of Closed-ended Schemes?

Over 100 hybrid debt-oriented schemes launched during 2014 managed to collect more than Rs 10,000 crore

In 2014, 101 closed-ended mutual fund schemes were launched under the hybrid debt-oriented category. These schemes have collected a whopping ₹10,422 crore from investors, the highest amount collected since 2006. These schemes also had a lock-in period of three to five years. Among these hybrid funds, 40 were capital protection funds that have collected around ₹3,061 crore. Hybrid debt-oriented funds have an average equity exposure of less than 30 per cent and the rest of the portfolio is invested in various debt instruments.

Investors have poured in money into these schemes because they wanted to benefit from a possible upside in the equity market and at the same time protect their wealth from extreme volatility.

After a large bull run in the market, some investors typically tend to play safe by locking in their investments in these kind of funds that invest in a mixture of equity and debt.

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