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Choosing a Term Plan

A term plan should be chosen after looking at the insurance company's claims ratio as well as the premium it charges

I am looking to buy a term plan. However, with so many options available, it is not very clear which companies to choose as the premium for the same coverage varies from one company to another by as much as 70 to 80 per cent. Can you suggest which term plan is the better one among Reliance, Aviva, AXA and SBI Life?
- Pramod T Palathinkal

Term plans have only one objective - to provide the sum assured to family members in case of the demise of the insured member. Premiums are calculated after rigorous calculations and each company has its own reasons for the premium it charges. Term plans can be selected after considering an insurers claims ratio in the past as well as premiums it charges as compared to other term plans. Based on these factors, Bharti AXA Life eProtect, Aviva i-Life, SBI Life e-Shield - Level Cover are recommended plans. All of the above mentioned plans are online term plans. Find the premiums applicable to your age under all these policies and select the one that suits your budget. Disclose all the details while filling proposal form to avoid any inconvenience in case of a claim.

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