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A Good Long-term Portfolio of Funds

UTI Retirement Benefit Plan is a conservative, debt-oriented fund that is not a good vehicle for long-term investors

I have been investing in UTI Opportunity, Quantum Long Term Equity, Franklin India Flexicap, IDFC Premier Equity and UTI Retirement Benefit Plan for the past 5 years. Is this the right mix? I want to invest another ₹2 lakh. How should I invest that amount?
- Anant Kumar

With the exception of UTI Retirement Benefit Plan, you've chosen excellent funds and you should continue investing in them. UTI Retirement Benefit Plan is a debt-oriented balanced fund that invests 40 per cent in equity and 60 per cent in fixed income. It's a conservative fund and even though it gets you 80C deductions, it is not an ideal vehicle for a long-term investor like you. You can do without this fund. As far as the other ₹2 lakh that you want to invest, you can spread that money over the next 6 months in the funds that you already have in your portfolio. You don't need to add any more funds.

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