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Income funds miss the bond rally

Most bond fund managers were right expecting status quo of interest rates. But they were unprepared for the RBI governor's stance on interest rate outlook

Yesterday the RBI Governor did not surprise investors by keeping the interest rates unchanged. However, he did change his stance that he's done with raising interest rates and he will be ready to lower the interest rates if there were signs of the accelerated easing of price pressures. This fueled a rally in bond prices but very few funds were geared to benefit from this.

Only six of the total 83 income funds had their average maturities above 10 years. The NAV of these funds went up by nearly half per cent yesterday. 26 income funds had their maturity between 5-10 years and they gain .36 per cent. More than half of the funds had their maturity between 1-5 years and they were up .21 per cent. Six funds had their portfolio like an ultra short term fund holding bonds of lower than 1 year maturity.

Yesterday's Top Income Fund Gainers

Scheme1 Day ChangeAverage MaturityAssets (Cr)
DWS Inflation Indexed Bond Fund - Regular Plan0.586.8423.25
ICICI Prudential Income Plan - Regular Plan0.5514.234098.42
UTI Bond Fund0.5210.322907.67
ICICI Prudential Dynamic Bond Fund - Regular Plan0.489.01962.44
HDFC Income Fund0.4611.733523.47
Returns as on June 3, 2014
Average Maturity as on April 30, 2014
The Income funds have returned 4.44% in the last one year and interestingly the last 3-month return is 4% which indicates that a significant part has been generated in the last three monthly only.

Top Performing Income Funds – Last Quarter

Scheme3-Month1-YearAssets (Cr)
ICICI Prudential Long Term Fund - Regular Plan6.3314.0844.38
ICICI Prudential Income Plan - Regular Plan6.05-0.854098.42
UTI Bond Fund5.582.032907.67
Kotak Bond - Plan A5.560.834769.57
HDFC Income Fund5.450.793523.47
Returns as on June 3, 2014