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Good Morning, India

The people of India have delivered a 'no regrets, no excuses' result. We want the job done, we have chosen the man to do it, and given him everything he needs

After a long, long time, there's a new dawn of hope in India. Over the last few years, a lot of us had individually accepted Narendra Modi's vision of a government focussed on development and nothing else. However, till about 11 a.m. on the morning of May 16th, we didn't know for sure exactly how many of us there were.

It has been all but certain for weeks that on May 17th, India would wake up and start getting used to a government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi. However, there are governments, and there are governments. For a quarter of a century now, we have gradually been used to governments that always operated with one hand tied behind its back (both hands, for some of them). We thought there would always be coalitions fighting between themselves, inept dynasts who had no skill or stomach for the job, operating under blackmail of tinpot regional lords who were interested in little beyond cleaving off their pound of flesh.

For years, we were told so by political pundits that this was our fate now, forever into the future. But we had other ideas. As it turned out eventually, an extraordinary number of Indians knew that this was the biggest problem in their future, and decided to do something about it. Narendra Modi's message of development being the most important thing--one that will solve all other problems.

Of course, at this point there is no shortage of those who seem to be hoping that Modi will fail and India will sink back into a morass of despair. It's hardly a secret now that this breed of people dominate TV studios and other media in Delhi. Fortunately, at this point, they look like the jackals that howl in the jungle when a lion or a tiger is nearby. Over the next five years, India will face a lot of opposition from these people, but I'm sure that over time their self-importance will wither, as will their numbers.

It's a new morning in India, the end of governments whose only job seemed to be to survive, no matter what the damage to the country. We have moved on to a real government, which is an experience that only some of us have had, and that to on a limited scale in some states.

I won't talk about investments or stocks here--there will be plenty of time for that In the days, weeks and years to come. And of course, as our economy--and our faith in it--surges forward, Value Research will bring you the best analysis and advice on investments.

The way this country will move forward, when the whole of it will have a real government, interested in governance, will define our lives from here onwards. I can't wait for this time to start. God bless India.