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Introduction of SIP and SWP facilities under Religare Invesco Schemes

Religare Invesco Mutual Fund has announced the introduction of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) facility under following schemes: Religare Invesco Credit Opportunities Fund, Religare Invesco Short Term Fund, Religare Invesco Gilt Fund- Short Duration Plan & Long Duration Plan, Religare Invesco Medium Term Bond Fund, Religare Invesco Ultra Short Term Fund and Religare Invesco Active Income Fund.

The SIP will offer monthly and quarterly frequency under these schemes and monthly frequency will be considered as default frequency.

Minimum number of installments shall be 6 for monthly frequency and 4 for quarterly frequency.

Minimum amount for each SIP installment will be Rs 1000 per month for monthly frequency and Rs 2000 per quarter for quarterly frequency.

The fund house has also announced the introduction of Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) facility under Religare Invesco Arbitrage Fund.

The above mentioned changes will be effective from February 28, 2014.