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Tata Mutual Fund: Change in Fundamental Attributes

Tata Mutual Fund has announced following changes in its key personnel.
Tata Equity Opportunities Fund
New: Pradeep Gokhale
Old: Bhupinder Sethi
Tata Equity PE Fund
New: Atul Bhole
Old: Bhupinder Sethi
Tata Dividend Yield Fund
New: Rupesh Patel
Old: Bhupinder Sethi
Tata Offshore India Opportunities Fund
New: Pradeep Gokhale, Rupesh Patel
Old: Bhupinder Sethi
Nainesh Rajani will manage the overseas portfolios of Tata Equity Opportunities Fund, Tata Growing Economies Infrastructure Fund Scheme A&B, Tata Indo Global Infrastructure Fund, Tata Infrastructure Fund and Tata Pure Equity Fund.

Amish Munshi will be the Senior Fund Manager and Head of Research.
All changes have been effective from June 7, 2013.