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SBI Mutual Fund relies on its past glory, but hasn’t performed too well in recent years…

In its 25th year, SBI AMC has a lot of past glory which it can still rely on. This fund house was known for its closed-end funds and made its mark with open-ended equity funds. The fund’s that drew most investors to this AMC were Magnum Taxgain, Magnum Global and Magnum Contra. All these three schemes did well for several years and found favour amongst investors before falling by the wayside. In fact, the most frequent question posted on our website pertains to investor’s worry in continuing investments in Magnum Tax gain and Magnum Contra.
The high recall speaks a lot about the positive investor connect with this AMC. However, in recent years, there has been little by way to reflect on fund performance, which has left several star performing fund schemes from this AMC at bay. In recent months, its equity funds have shown improvement in their relative performance. The AMC has a complete range of fund offerings but needs to do a lot to regain investor confidence and enthusiasm.