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Peerless Mutual Fund has achieved a meaningful scale in a short time with a few different funds…

Launched in 2009, this is one of the few new entrant AMCs that has quickly achieved a meaningful scale with few liquid funds, a child plan, an equity fund and a hybrid fund. This wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kolkata-based Peerless Group has the advantage of a known brand and reach, which it has not yet really tapped. The fund house aspires to become a customer-centric player with offerings that will go beyond performance and stress on service. The aspiration is to build a business which will pull customers to the AMC, without being a pushy fund house.

The state of the markets has made this fund house take a conservative approach to product launches. It has plans to be innovative in its approach to be a solution provider to meet investor needs than launch products which customers will try to fit into their scheme of things. Considering the AMC has actually launched only three retail schemes indicates its clarity and focus on establishing its products for the long-term investor. Such philosophy will go a long way in establishing the AMC credentials as a serious player in the long run.