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DSP BlackRock MF Declares Dividend in 11 Debt Schemes

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DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund has announced dividend under the dividend option of the following schemes :

Scheme  Dividend (Rs Per Unit)
DSPBR Government Securities 0.1131
DSPBR Treasury Bill 0.182
DSPBR Short-term  0.2177
DSPBR Bond 0.1826
DSPBR Strategic Bond Reg 19.69
DSPBR Strategic Bond Inst 19.86
DSPBR Income Opportunities Reg 0.194
DSPBR Income Opportunities Inst 12.05
DSPBR Income Opportunities Reg Quartelry 0.2153
Note: Above mentioned dividends are net to individuals.

The record date has been fixed as June 28, 2012.<./P>