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Declaration of Dividend for Reliance Mutual Fund

Reliance Mutual Fund has approved the declaration of dividend for following schemes:

Schemes  Dividend (%)
Reliance Short Term- DQ 1.777
Reliance Money Manager- Retail- DQ 0.20027
Reliance Liquid- Treasury- Retail- DQ 2.327
Reliance Medium Term- DQ 2.071
Reliance Floating Rate- Short Term- DQ 1.708
Reliance MIP- DQ 2.1
Reliance Regular Savings- Debt- Retail- DQ 1.485
Reliance Regular Savings- Debt- Inst- DQ 1.621
Reliance Income- DQ 1.643
Reliance Income- DH 3.149
Reliance Income- DY 5.516
Reliance Liquid- Cash-DQ 0.298

The record date is March 21, 2011.