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DSP Mutual Fund Changes Load Structure

DSP Mutual Fund has announced changes in the load structure of the Balanced and the Bond Fund. These changes would come into effect from September 3, 2001. A CDSC has been introduced in DSPML Bond Fund. The fund will not charge an exit load for redemption amount above Rs five lakhs. For all redemption value of Rs 5 lakhs and below, it will levy an exit load ranging from 0.10 to 0.60 percent, for redemptions made within 180 days of an investment. The following slabs of exit load will be applicable: for redemptions within 30 days, a load of 0.60%, between 31 and 60 days a load of 0.50%, between 61 and 90 days a load of 0.40%, between 91 and 120 days a load of 0.30%, between 121 and 150 days a load of 0.20% and between 151 and 180 days, a load of 0.10%. For DSPML Balanced Fund, an exit load of 1.25% would be charged for redemptions made within 12 months of investment.

Moreover, investors of the DSPML Bond Fund can now avail the dividend reinvestment option also. Investors have also been offered the Direct Deposit Application Facility for purchase and redemption of units provided the fund transfer is through the designated accounts. This facility would be currently available only in Mumbai and later on in other cities,