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ELSS v/s Fixed Deposit

In the current market, should an investor opt for a fixed deposit instead of an ELSS to avail 80C benefits?

In today's market condition where the returns from the ELSS Funds are on the negative side, please tell me whether it is still wise to invest in such funds with low NAV values? In the alternative, would investing in the Bank's FD under section 80C be advisable?

In the current market downturn, all equity funds including ELSS fund have suffered a near collapse. For conservative investors who cannot bear any short-term capital loss a 5-Year Bank Fixed Deposit may be suited tax saving investment. However, investors seeking long-term growth and who can withstand the volatility ELSS can still be attractive. They hold promise for their ability to deliver good return over a long time period. ELSS is the only all equity tax saving investment option available to savers.

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