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The Case of Expired Schemes

K.M. Sridharan has been abroad for 7 years & finds that some of the funds he invested in have expired

During 1990s, I had invested in the following Mutual Fund Schemes. I was out of country for the last 7 years and have not been following the developments. I now find that most of these funds are not active. Could you please let me know if there is any name change to these funds and the steps that I need to take for redemption of these funds.
1) Unit Scheme 1992
2) Capital Growth Unit Scheme - 1992 (Master Gain 1992)
3) Unit Growth Scheme 5000 (issued in1995)
4) Master Equity Plan 1991
5) Unit Growth Scheme 2000

- K.M. Sridharan

All the above schemes barring UTI Master Gain 1992 have been redeemed. UTI Master Gain 1992 became an open-end fund and its name changed to UTI Equity Fund since July 1, 2005. The NAV as on October 27, 2008 is Rs 24.09. You can redeem this on any working day by filling the redemption application form and submitting it to the AMC office. Following is the redemption date and redemption price of expired schemes. Get in touch with UTI office to realize the proceeds.

Scheme Name   Redemption  Redemption
  Date  Price
Unit Scheme 1992 July-05 Rs 32.37
UTI Growth Scheme 5000 December-01 Rs 10.02
UTI Growth Scheme 2000 December-00 Rs 14.03
UTI Master Equity Plan 1991 March-01 Rs 24.67

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