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Fund manager's market moves in the mid- and small-cap space saw HPCL and Kesoram emerge as the most-sold stocks respectively

A huge amount of churn characterises the mid- and small-cap stocks universe in general, and mutual funds are not an exception to this rule as they marshall their resources to generate value. We track the space and check out the buying and selling activities of fund managers in November.

On the stock markets, BSE Sensex gained 6.48 per cent in November after witnessing a fall of 7.18 per cent October.

Mid-Cap Stocks

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation was the most-offloaded stock by funds in November. Funds sold 44.07 lakh shares worth Rs 153.53 crore. Reliance Equity Fund offloaded the maximum amount at 11.72 lakh shares, while Tata Infrastructure dumped 9.25 lakh shares. A total of six funds added this stock to their portfolios, while 14 funds opted out of it. IDFC Arbitrage Plan A was the fund that bought this stock the most, picking up 1.60 lakh shares.

The second-most sold stock by funds was Alstom Projects India. They offloaded 28 lakh shares worth Rs 147.41 crore. The top three funds that exited the stock belonged to the Reliance family -- Reliance Diversified Power Sector Retail, Reliance Vision and Reliance Equity Opportunities. The trio together, offloaded 15.79 lakh, 9.03 lakh and 5.83 lakh shares respectively. Religare Arbitrage was the only fund which added the stock to its portfolio. Yes Bank and United Spirits were the third and fourth most-sold stocks.

At the other end of the spectrum, as far as shares bought in the mid-cap section were concerned, it was Aban Offshore who led from the front with funds buying 31.35 lakh shares worth Rs 403.02 crore. Franklin India Flexi Cap and Sundaram BNP Paribas bought the maximum shares - 4.68lakh and 4.08 lakh respectively. Altogether 20 funds added this stock in their portfolio while eight opted out of it.

Following close behind was Pantaloon Retail (India), with funds buying 57.06 lakh shares worth Rs 182.84 crore. DSPBR T.I.G.E.R, Magnum Contra and Magnum Taxgain bought the maximum number of shares to the tune of 7.70 lakh, 7.25 lakh and 7.24 lakh respectively. HSBC Progressive Themes Fund offloaded the maximum amount at 1.72 lakh shares and also became the only fund that chose to opt out of this stock. A total of 21 funds added this stock to their portfolio.

KSK Energy Ventures was the third stock in the top five table which was preferred by the funds. The latter bought 126.71 lakh shares worth Rs 106.94 crore. Sundaram BNP Paribas Taxsaver and Birla Sun Life Equity Plan A were the two funds which bought the maximum with 10.32 lakh and 9.66 lakh shares. Altogether 22 funds added this stock in their portfolio while all the 32 funds stayed put in the stock.

Shares Bought
Mid Cap Stocks Worth of Shares Bought (Rs Cr) Shares Bought (lakhs)
Aban Offshore 403.02 31.35
Pantaloon Retail (India) 182.84 57.06
KSK Energy Ventures 142.04 70.04
Indian Hotels Co. 106.94 126.71
Great Eastern Shipping Co. 104.26 39.24
Shares Sold
Mid Cap Stocks Worth of Shares Sold (Rs Cr) Shares Sold (lakhs)
Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. -153.53 -44.07
Alstom Projects India -147.41 -28
Yes Bank -124.43 -48.97
United Spirits -93.68 -8.07
Jain Irrigation Systems -83.8 -9.85

Small-Cap Stocks

In this section, the top stock to be sold was Kesoram Industries. Funds sold 18.82 lakh shares worth Rs 61.11 crore. Reliance Growth offloaded the maximum, to the tune of 18.56 lakh shares. Four funds opted out of this stock in November.

The second biggest stock which was offloaded was Apollo Tyres. Funds offloaded 74.93 lakh shares worth Rs 38.92 crore. Franklin India Flexi Cap, Franklin India High Growth Companies and HDFC Prudence offloaded the maximum with 36.21 lakh, 19.30 lakh share and 16 lakh shares respectively. At the extreme end of activity, three funds of the Taurus MF family, Taurus Tax Shield, Taurus Infrastructure and Taurus Star Share opted out of the stock. Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals came third in the list with funds offloading 11.31 lakh shares worth Rs 24.73 crore. Tata Equity Opportunities offloaded the maximum with 5.10 lakh shares. Eight funds opted out of this stock in November.

On the other end of the spectrum, it was Adhunik Mettaliks which led from the front as far as shares bought were concerned. Funds bought 81.36 lakh shares worth Rs 79.66 crore. Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Midcap Reg offloaded the maximum with o.49 lakh shares while Franklin India Prima Plus and DSPBR T.I.G.E.R. bought the maximum to the tune of 18.57 lakh and 16.99 lakh shares. Ten funds added this stock to their portfolio.

Amongst the top five bought stocks, Polaris Software Lab and Lakshmi Energy and Foods garnered the second and third position.

Shares Bought
Small Cap Stocks Worth of Shares Bought (Rs Cr) Shares Bought (lakhs)
Adhunik Metaliks 79.66 81.36
Polaris Software Lab 43.62 26.34
Lakshmi Energy and Foods 38.1 30.05
Mercator Lines 25.56 46.58
South Indian Bank 25.25 18.01
Shares Sold
Small Cap Stocks Worth of Shares Sold (Rs Cr) Shares Sold (lakhs)
Kesoram Industries -61.11 -18.82
Apollo Tyres -38.92 -74.93
Dishman Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals -24.73 -11.31
Asahi India Glass -18.98 -30.39
Bombay Dyeing & Mfg. Co. -18.52 -4.8

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