Portfolio Manager | Value Research This tool will help to ascertain how your investments are doing and enhance your understanding of your portfolio
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Portfolio Manager

This tool will help to ascertain how your investments are doing and enhance your understanding of your portfolio

From all the tools on our website, the one which stands out is Value Research Portfolio Manager. To suit your convenience, it’s available in two versions: ‘Quick Portfolio’ and ‘Transactional Portfolio’.

At a glance you can see how much you are worth. Check the latest value of your holdings, the change from the last NAV (or price), the percentage of your portfolio taken up by each investment, the total market value of your holdings and your fund ratings.

Gain & Loss
Is your portfolio generating a return? Here you get a detailed view of what you have gained or lost on each individual holding in your portfolio. It lists information such as: date on which the initial investment was made, number of units bought, cost of each unit, total investment made, current market value of each investment, gains on each (whether or not they have been realised), and the total returns on each individual investment (expressed as an annualised percentage).

What is your asset allocation across equity-debt-cash? How much of your portfolio is in one sector or stock? How safe if the debt portfolio of your portfolio? It’s all available here. Even your portfolio investment style.

Transaction History
All historical data with respect to your transactions: Date of purchase, number of units bought and the price at which the purchase took place, dividend history, and subsequent sale, if any.

Action Needed
Reminder about pending transactions.

Stocks Live
Live updates on the stocks you have invested in.

NAV High & Low
The range of the NAV movement over various time periods.

Index Compare
Compare the scheme’s performance to a relevant benchmark over various periods. 

Fund Performance
The return of each scheme and its rank within its category over 1-week, 1-month, year-to-date, 1-year, 3-year and 5-year time periods.

Need to know the PE ratio, PB ratio, market cap, total net assets under management or any other fundamental data on your stock or scheme? This is where you will get it.

Excel users would be happy to note that features like Snapshot, Gain & Loss, Analysis and Transaction History can be transferred using the option of ‘Export to Excel’.

Too good to be true? Not at all. Go on and access this tool.

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