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Here’s how to find the right fund for yourself

Consider these figures. There are 35 Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in India. Hundreds of schemes are on offer. And the numbers keep rising. Confusing, to say the least.

Finding the right investment could significantly impact your life. But how do you figure out which scheme to bypass and which one to consider? Which is the good one and which is the dodgy one? It’s tough. Very tough. But certainly not impossible. In fact, if you get onto our website, www.valueresearchonline.com and check out our tools, we dare say that it would make the decision-making process quite simple and easy.

This time, we want to specifically talk about the Fund Compare tool. The tool makes available of the entire universe of schemes present in the mutual fund industry. You can keep adding however many you want to your list.

If you err and wish to take out a scheme, just select it and press the ‘Remove’ button. It’s convenient and easy to use.
Once you are ready with your selected list, go to ‘Get Data’.

At a glance, in a single window, you can get an overview on a lot of parameters.

•    First you will see the ‘Snapshot’. This will tell you the funds respective launch dates, the category they fall into, their rating, their risk and return grade, the 1-year return as well as the expense ratio.
•    If you go to the ‘Performance’ facility, you will see it over 10 time periods which range from months to years.
•    In ‘Portfolio’ you can see the fund’s style, the PE and PB ratios, market cap, assets, turnover, percentage of top 5 holdings, and in the case of debt funds — average credit quality and average maturity. 
•    ‘Risk & Volatility’ will give you the risk grade, standard deviation, Sharpe Ratio, beta, alpha and R-Squared.
•    ‘Investment Details’ is more about the expenses and will tell you the expense ratio, front-end load, back-end load, whether or not a CDSC is imposed, the minimum initial investment, the name of the portfolio manager and how long s/he has been with this particular fund.
•    ‘NAV’ will tell you the current NAV price, change from previous, 52-week high and low status.

So at a glance, you can compare your exclusive list of funds with one another on numerous parameters. All at the tips of your fingers.

We never get tired of saying that we have data on every single scheme since inception. And our aim is to display it in such a way that it can help you, as an investor, make an informed decision. Make use of it. You won’t regret it.

It’s simple.

It’s convenient.

And yes, it’s free.