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Transaction History

Here’s a tool that will unveil your entire investment history

What would you do if you needed to research a historical event that took place in the country decades ago? Or probably, just verify the facts? The first place to begin your search would be the national archives. If you could not access it online, you would have to visit a library that stores documents, research papers and books by authors who were witness to those events.

But if all you wanted to do was just look at your historical investment pattern, where would you go? What if you are curious to track the dividends earned on your stock or fund? What if you needed to check how your investment fared in a particular period? What if you just wanted to know the annual performance of your portfolio? Where do you go?

That is exactly where Value Research comes into the picture.

We not only pride ourselves on our data, but on the fact that we look for ways to make it accessible to you. Towards that end, we have a brand new tool on our website, www.valueresearchonline.com, aptly named ‘Transaction History’. Being self explanatory, it will help you keep track of all your transactions since your first purchase. To start off, you will get the date of purchase, the price and the number of units bought. You will also be able to track the entire dividend history from this time onwards. If you offload some of your units, the transaction is also recorded. 

Convenient it may appear, but it does not stop there. This tool goes one step further and helps you calculate your taxes as well. By keeping tabs on the dividends earned, the time of entry and exit into the investment, the profit or loss made, this tool can be utilised to indicate the tax implication.

Another feature that we have added to this tool is the delivery of the information in the form of an Excel document. No doubt, avid Excel users will be thrilled. They can export the entire information into the application. Why should they do that? So that they can use the numerous tools available to deduce more information on their portfolio and perform an array of functions. One need not be told that Excel comes in very handy when one has to deal with data.

So dear reader, here is another tool that we have designed to help you monitor your investments. It's available for all on our website. No need to fret about bringing to mind dates and transaction histories. No need to keep stacks of papers in a file to remind you about such events. Everything is now just a click away. What are you waiting for?

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