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Cellebrite DI Ltd. (CLBT) Premium Coverage

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About The Company

Business: Cellebrite DI Ltd. develops solutions for legally sanctioned investigations. Its DI platform allows users to collect, review, analyze, and manage digital data across the investigative lifecycle with respect to legally sanctioned investigations and solutions are used in a various case, including child exploitation, homicide, anti-terror, border control, sexual crimes, human trafficking, corporate security, intellectual property theft, and civil litigation.

IPO Date: 31-Aug-2021

Founder, CEO & Director: Mr. Yossi Carmil

Chief Financial Officer: Ms. Dana Gerner


Country: Israel

Headquarters: Petah Tikva,

Website: https://www.cellebrite.com

Key Facts

Market cap: $998.33 Mln

Revenue (TTM): $255.35 Mln

Earnings (TTM): $118.41 Mln

Cash: $165.93 Mln

Total Debt: $0.00 Mln

Insider's Holding: 75.37%

Liquidity: Low

52 Week range: $4.10 - 13.24

Shares outstanding: 189,436,992

Stock Performance

Time Period Cellebrite DI (CLBT) S&P BSE IT* S&P Small-Cap 600*
1 month6.05-1.44-4.85
3 months-23.72-20.54-12.74
1 Year-48.89-4.50-16.37
3 Years--22.277.97
5 Years--24.126.33
10 Years--17.6010.54
As on 27-Jun-2022 *As on 28-Jun-2022
Year Cellebrite DI (CLBT) S&P Small-Cap 600 S&P BSE IT