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Birla Sun Life Protector Plan- Level Sum Assured

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Entry Age (years) 
Maximum Maturity Age (years)75
Policy Term (years) 
Sum Assured (Rs) 
Premium Payment FrequencyYearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly(via ECS), Monthly(via ECS)
Premium Payment TermEqual to Policy term
Premium Factor (multiply with annual premium)0.519 for half-yearly premium, 0.265 for quarterly and 0.090 for monthly instalments
Policy CoverCover remains same throughout the policy term
Other Features 
Free Look CancellationIn case, you are not satisfied, you may choose to cancel the policy within 15 days of receiving the policy documents. Upon such cancellation, you will be paid back the premiums, minus the cost of stamp duty, medical reports and proportionate premium for the period for which the risk was covered.
Grace PeriodYou are allowed to pay premiums within 30 days from the due date. If a due premium is not received within the grace period, your policy will lapse and the life insurance cover will be terminated.
Lapsed Policy ReinstatementYou can reinstate your lapsed policy within 2 years from the due date of the first unpaid premium by paying all the due premiums with interest and undergoing underwriting requirements, if any.
Tax BenefitsSection 80C, 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 would apply.
ExclusionsIn case of death by suicide during the first policy year, or within one year from the date of reinstatement, no death benefit is payable.
Customer Service 
AddressRegistered office:
Birla Sun Life Insurance
One Indiabulls Center, Tower I,
15th & 16th Floor, Jupiter Mill Compound,
841, S.B. Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai 400013
Write to us at :
Birla Sun Life Insurance
5th & 6th Floor, G-corp Tech park,
Ghodbunder Road, Near Kasar Wadavali police station,
Thane ( W ) 400601
Mail To[email protected]
Call On1-800-270-7000; + 91 22 43569000 Between 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday
SMSBSLI' to 56161
Available Rider(s)BSLI Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider: covers death due to an accident, Permanent disability caused due to an accident.
Critical Illness Benefit Rider: It covers 4 critical illnesses namely; Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke and Major Organ Transplant. A survival period of 30 days is applicable to claim the benefit.
BSLI Waiver of premium Rider: It is applicable on all future premiums of the base plan and riders for the rest of the policy term or till the proposer (in case of child plans) attains the age of 70 years or on termination of the policy, whichever occurs earlier. This rider becomes active in the following cases; Disabled due to an illness or accident, Diagnosed with any of the four specified critical illnesses, Death of the proposer in case of child insurance plans.
BSLI Surgical Care Rider: For surgeryin India that calls for a minimum of 48 hours hospitalisation involving brain, heart (including coronary arteries), liver or lung, the lump sum benefit amount payable would be 5 times the chosen benefit and for any other surgery, the benefit will be equal to the chosen benefit amount. The policyholder can claim up to 10 times the chosen benefit during one policy year and up to 50 times during the entire policy term.
BSLI Hospital Care Rider: It offers a Daily Cash Benefit ranging between 600 to 6000 rupees on admission to hospital for medical necessity for a period of at least 48 hours.
An additional ICU benefit of 100 per cent of daily cash benefit is also payable for a maximum of 15 days during the policy year.
A policyholder can claim 100 times the chosen daily cash benefit in one policy year and 250 times the chosen daily benefit amount in entire policy term.
A recuperating benefit in lumpsum which is equivalent to 3 times the chosen daily cash benefit for continuous hospitalisation of 7 or more days for the same injury or disease, a lump sum benefit will be payable. However, the policyholder must be alive to claim the benefit under this rider.
Rider Conditions 
Entry Age (years) 
Maximum Maturity Age (years)70
Rider Term (years) 
MinimumSame a base policy term or attainment of 70 years of age whichever is earlier.
Sum Assured (Rs) 
MinimumBSLI Accidental Death and Disability Rider, BSLI Critical Illness Rider: 75000; BSLI Surgical Care Rider, Hospital care rider: 1.5 lakh
MaximumBSLI Accidental Death and Disability Rider, BSLI Critical Illness Rider: Rs 50 lakh; BSLI Surgical Care Rider, Hospital care rider: 15 lakh, subject to maximum of 100 per cent of base plan sum assured
Rider Premium (Rs)For instance premiums that a 30-year old male, will pay for each rider with Rs 5 lakh sum assured for a premium paying term of 10 years is given below:
BSLI Accidental Death and Disability: 750
BSLI Critical Illness: 900
BSLI Surgical Care: 1005
BSLI Hospital Care: 1000
BSLI Waiver of premium(Rs 40 lakh Sum Assured plus other rider sum assured): 283
Cost Details not available on the company's website.