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Star Family Delite Insurance Policy


This is a family floater policy that will provide cover against hospitalisation expenses.

Suited for

This policy is suitable for those with low budgets. Anyone between 5 months and 65 years can be included in this policy.

What does it do?

This policy is designed to cover hospitalisation expense of a family on  floater cover basis. Floater cover allows any of the insured members to use the sum insured until it is depleted. It covers inpatient hospitalisation expenses and pre and post hospitalisation expenses up to the stated limits. Maximum cover allowed for room rent, boarding, lodging and ICU are capped to certain percentage of sum insured. It also pays for emergency ambulance and day care procedures. Day care procedures are those that do not require an overnight admission in hospital due to technological advancements such as chemotherapy, dialysis etc.


The policy allows lifetime renewal and premiums paid toward the policy qualify for deduction under section 80D of Income Tax Act.


Room rent and ICU charges are capped. It is not available for purchase online.

Our View

While capping of expenses is a drawback, it also reduces the premium cost. Premium rates for this policy are lower than policies without sub-limits. However, we recommend policies without sub-limits if there are no budget constraints.

Entry Age (years) 
Minimum5 months
Maximum Policy Renewal Age (years)Lifetime renewal
Coverage TypeFamily floater
Sum Insured (Rs) 
Maximum3 lakh
Minimum2 lakh
Policy Term (years)1
Policy TerminationEither of insurance company or policyhlder can terminate the policy by giving a 30 days notice period.
Customer Service 
AddressCorporate Office: No.1, New Tank Street,
Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam,
Chennai - 60003
Mail to[email protected]
Call to1800 425 2255, 044-28288800
SMSSTAR to 56677
Network HospitalsHttp://www.starhealth.in/hospital.php
Additions to the Plan
Scope Of Cover
Cashless Facilityavailable at network hospitals
Reimbursement facilityavailable at non-network hospital
Pre hospitalisationcovered upto 30days
Post hospitalisation7% of the hospitalization expenses (excluding room rent) subject to a maximum of Rs.5000/- per hospitalisation within 60 days of discharge
Inpatient hospitalisationcovered
Room rent, boarding and nursing1% of the sum insured
ICU charges1.5% of the sum insured
Surgeon's fees Consultant's fees Anesthetist feescovered
Cost of blood, oxygen, diagnostic expenses, cost of pace makercovered
Ambulance expensescovered
Day care procedurescovered
Exclusions and Waiting Period
Pre-existing diseasescovered after initial 48 months
No claim period30 days since inception of the policy
Waiting period2 years for certain diseases namely hernia, catarct, vericose veins, sinusitis, tonsillitus etc.
General exclusionspregnancy related claims
Annual Premium Option for 2 lakh Sum Insured
Age (in years)Family Size
5 month-35280031003650300037004500
more than 75#192002080023400216002420027100
Premiums are exclusive of tax and cess
# for renewal purpose only
Annual Premium Option for 3 lakh Sum Insured
Age (in years)Family Size^
5 month-35371038254400398543004800
more than 75#253002680030200301003180033100
Premiums are exclusive of tax and cess
# for renewal purpose only
^ For one additioanl child beyond family size of 2Adult+2Children. Additional premium payable is Rs 1000. Maximum of 3 children are allowed.