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Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy


This policy is exclusively designed for those suffering from diabetes Mellitus Type II. It aims at covering diabetic patients for hospitalisation bills caused due to some other illness or condition.

Suited for

Any person between 26 and 65 years, diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type II is eligible to buy this policy.

What does it do?

A diabetic policyholder gets a cover for medical expenses for treatments taken as an inpatient. Though, this policy does not cover treatment of diabetes mellitus type II, it covers certain conditions like laser treatment for diabetic retinopathy, treatment for chronic renal failure due to diabetes and treatment of diabetic foot ulcer.


Premium paid under this policy qualifies for deduction under section 80D of Income Tax Act.


This policy does not cover people who have already developed diabetic complications like retinopathy, nephropathy and foot ulcer.

Our View

This is a unique policy serving the needs of diabetic patients. While most  other basic health policies may deny cover to diabetics, this policy provides financial respite in case of medical problems caused by ailments other than diabetes. This policy is recommended.

Entry Age (years) 
Maximum Policy Renewal Age (years)70
Coverage TypeCovers Individual diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type II
Sum Insured (Rs) 
Maximum5 lakh
Policy Term (years)1
Tax BenefitPremium paid is eligible for tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act
Pre Policy Medical Check UpMandatory for all age group
Customer Service 
AddressStar Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited
Corporate Office: No.1, New Tank Street,
Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam,
Chennai - 600034.
Mail to[email protected], [email protected]
Call to1800 425 2255/ / 044 2826 3300
SMSSTAR to 56677
Additions to the Plan
Scope Of Cover
Cashless facilityAvailable at empanelled hospitals in India
Re-imbursementAvailable at non empanelled network of hospitals
In-patient hospitalisationCovered
Room rent and boarding2% of sum insured,subject to a maximum of Rs.2500/- per day in Class A cities and Rs 1250 in other cities
nursing expenses, Surgeon's fees, Consultant's fees, Anaesthetist's and Specialist's fees, Cost of medicines and drugsCovered
Expenses of kidney organ donor or transplantCovered; Second transplant in case of failure of first
Second transplant in case of failure of first transplantCovered
Post renal complications on insuredCovered
Specific Coverage
Eyescovers Diabetic Retinopathy requiring laser treatment
KidneysDiabetic Nephropathy leading to chronic renal failure
FeetDiabetic foot ulcer requiring micro-vascular surgical correction
Exclusions and Waiting Period
ExclusionsPatients who have already developed complications of Diabetic Retinopathy and/or Diabetic Nephropathy leading to Chronic Renal failure and/or Diabetic foot Ulcer.Expenses on treatment of Diabetes Mellitus Type II
Annual Premium
Sum Insured (in Rs)
Age (in years)500001 lakh2 lakh3 lakh4 lakh5 lakh
Figures are indicative premium for appropriate sum assured for each age band excluding service tax