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Reliance Critical Illness


This policy aims to provide additional financial assistance if insured person contracts any of the listed critical illnesses.

Suited for

Anyone between 20 and 50 years of age can buy this policy. It can also cover family members including spouse, two children and parents under a single policy.

What does it do?

This policy pays a lump sum benefit in case any of the insured members contract a covered critical illness. The policy benefit will be paid only if insured member survives 30 days after the confirmed diagnosis of the illness except in case of Quadriplegia where survival period is 60 days.


This policy can be bought online as well.
Premiums paid towards this policy enjoy a tax benefit under Section 80D.


T covers lesser number of critical illnesses.

Our View

This policy is useful if you have a family history of any of the listed life threatening diseases or if you wish to add on to the existing basic health cover. However, this policy should be bought only as an addition to the basic health cover and not as a substitute. Critical illness policies cannot replace basic health insurance policies. In comparison to similar policies offered by other insurers, this policy provides a narrow cover. Before buying this policy it is advised to check for alternatives with wider coverage.

Entry Age (years) 
Maximum Policy Renewal Age (years)55
Coverage TypeIndividual/ Family on an individual basis
Sum Insured (Rs) 
Maximum20 lakh
Minimum5 lakh
Policy Term (years)1 or 3
No Claim Bonus5% no claim bonus for 1 year policy and 10% for 3 year policy for every claim free renewal till it reaches 50% of initial sum insured
Pre Policy Medical Check UpNot required for upto 45 years of age
Policy TerminationEither of the parties may terminate this policy by giving a 7 days notice. The insurer would pay proportionate premiums if no claim has been made.
Customer Service 
AddressReliance General Insurance Company Ltd., Regd Office: Reliance Centre, 19, Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400001
Mail to[email protected]
Call to1800 3002 8282(toll free) ; 022 3989 8282(charges apply)
SMSType 'protect' and send it to 55454
Network HospitalsHttp://www.reliancegeneral.co.in/insurance/cashless-hospitals.aspx
Additions to the Plan
Scope of Cover
Life Threatening Illnesses
CancerCovered with exclusions as mentioned in the policy document
Major Organ transplant
Multiple Sclerosis
Third Degree burns
Aorta Graft Surgery
Lifestyle Disabling Illnesses
Heart Valve replacement or repairCovered with exclusions as mentioned in the policy document
Coma (persisting more than 30 days)
Quadriplegia (persisting more than 60 days post diagnosis without any significant recovery)
Total blindness
Hospital Cash Allowance( for upto 30 days)
End stage renal disease(not involving transplant)
Exclusions and Waiting Period
Pre-existing diseasesnot covered
No claim periodfirst 3 months from policy commencement
Survival period30 days from confirm diagnosis of the critical illness
Annual Premium Rates for Individual
Age (in years)Sum Insured (in Rs)
5 lakh7 lakh10 lakh
Premiums are exclusive of Service tax and cess.
Premiums vary with age, policy tenure, number of members to be insured, health condition and sum insured. Refer insurer's website for calculating premiums if more than one member is to be insured.
People above 45 years of age may contact insurance company for premiums.