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Chola MS Accident Protection Plan


A personal accident policy that aims at providing financial respite in event of accidental death or disability.

Suited for

Any individual may buy a personal accident cover but, it is must for those who are frequent drivers or are engaged in high risk job profiles such as field engineers and manual workers.

What does it do?

It is a traditional standalone personal accident policy that cannot be bought online. It covers accidental death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and temporary total disability. The cover does not end here. It includes other accompanying expenses such as broken bone, transportation of mortal remains, ambulance charges and family transportation benefit. Home or vehicle modification required in case of permanent partial disablement is also covered. It also provides a daily cash allowance for each day of hospitalisation. Another useful allowance is fee for private tuition if the insured is unable to attend school or college.


A high sum insured of upto Rs 25 lakh is available.

Our View

Rising cases of accidents have made it imperative to buy a personal accident cover. Accidental policies are available at a very low price and your insurance portfolio must contain one if your job requires you to undertake risk. Disability is a more evil condition that causes loss of income while medical bills continue to swell. Cover for incidental expenses makes it a more comprehensive policy. This policy is recommended for those who are willing and comfortable buying through traditional channels involving middlemen.

Entry Age (years) 
Minimum18; 6 Months for Children
Maximum69; 18 for Children ( 25, if pursuing higher education)
Coverage TypeIndividual/ Family
Sum Insured (Rs) 
Maximum25 lakh
Minimum5 lakh
Policy Term (years)1
Policy TerminationInsurer may terminate the policy by giving a 7 days notice. Policyholder may also cancel the policy. Insurance company will return the premiums on pro-rata basis only if no claim has been made.
Customer Service 
AddressRegistered Office:Cholamandalam MS,
General Insurance
Company Ltd,
2nd Floor, "Dare House",
No.2, NSC Bose Road,
Chennai - 600001, India
Mail to[email protected]
Call to044-3044 5400, 1800-200-5544 (Toll Free)
SMSSMS "CHOLA" to 56677
Network HospitalsHttp://www.cholainsurance.com/nwhosp/
Additions to the Plan
Scope of Cover
Accidental Deathpays 100% of sum insured
Permanent Total Disabilitypays 100% of sum insured
Permanent Partial Disabilitypays benefit from 2% to 50% of sum insured
Broken bonespays from 3% upto 100% of sum insured
Temporary Total Disabilitypays 1% of sum insured subject to maximum of Rs 10000 for maximum 100 weeks
Transportation of mortal remainspays lower of upto 3% of sum insured or Rs 6000
Ambulance chargescovered upto Rs 1000
Religious ceremonies at the time of cremation or latercovered for lower of actual cost or Rs 5000
Modification of residential acomodation or vehiclepays for expenses in event of Permanent Total Disability
Family transportation to the Insured's placepays expenses in case of accidental death or permanent total disability
Fee for private tuitionpays a per day benefit if insured is unable to attend school or college
Accidental Hospital Daily Cashpays a daily cash allowance for each day completed in hospital
Exclusions and Waiting Period
Pre-existing diseasesnot covered
Waiting periodfirst 3 days of fees for private tuition
Other exclusionsAIDS/ HIV, mental disorders and related conditions
Annual Premium and Policy Coverage
Sum Insured (R)5 Lakhs7.5 Lakhs10 Lakhs15 Lakhs20 Lakhs25 Lakhs
Annual Income Eligibility (R)1 lakh1.5 lakh2 lakh3 lakh4 lakh5 lakh
For Self OnlyPolicy Coverage (R)
Accidental Death5000007500001000000150000020000002500000
Permanent Total Disability5000007500001000000150000020000002500000
Permanent Partial Disability25000037500050000075000010000001250000
Weekly Indemnity500050005000500050005000
Broken Bone500005000050000500005000050000
Modification of Residence Vehicle100000100000100000100000100000100000
Cost of Transporting Mortal Remains600060006000600060006000
Cost of Performance of Death Ceremony500050005000500050005000
Ambulance Hiring Charges100010001000100010001000
Family Transportation Benefit50005000500050001000010000
Hospital Daily Cash500 per day / 30 days
Premium* (with Hospital Daily Cash)131615421769222326763132
For Family Option (In addition to above, the following are covered)Policy Coverage (R)
Accidental Death - Spouse25000037500050000075000010000001000000
Permanent Total Disability - Spouse25000037500050000075000010000001000000
Permanent Partial Disability - Spouse125000187000250000375000500000500000
Accidental Death - per child5000075000100000150000200000250000
Permanent Total Disability - per child5000075000100000150000200000250000
Permanent Partial Disability - per Child25000375005000075000100000125000
Tuition Fees Per child - Rs 250 per day500050005000500050005000
Premium* (with Hospital Daily Cash)204224502813358443564855
* Premiums are exclusive of service tax