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Bajaj Allianz Critical illness for Women


A special health insurance policy specially designed to cover eight critical illnesses related to women.

Suited for

Any female in 21-55 age group can buy this policy.

What does it do?

This policy offers a twofold protection. First, it covers and pays a lump sum amount on confirmed diagnosis of any of the eight specified critical illnesses, provided the insured survives for 30 days after the diagnosis. On admission of claim following a critical illness, it also pays an additional amount restricted to Rs 25,000 for future education of insured's children. Just in case the insured woman loses her job due to the illness, this policy pays an additional sum of Rs 25,000.
Second, it pays 50 per cent of sum insured in case the child conceived and delivered during the policy period is born with some congenital diseases, only if the child survives for 30 days.


Apart from cover for insured person, this policy disburses policy benefit in case a child is born with congenital disorders as well.


Policy benefits will be paid only if insured member survives for at least a month after diagnosis of illness.
Children education fund and job loss compensation amount may not suffice considering current inflationary scenario.
Maximum available sum insured is Rs 2 lakhs only.

Our View

There is no unique offer as such. One should not take this cover only because it covers congenital disorders. This benefit is accompanied with lots of conditions and survival period clause. Supplementary benefits like children education fund and job loss compensation, most probably would not be sufficient to meet the respective expenses. It is thus advisable to buy a general critical illness plan instead of this policy as the former provides a wider coverage at comparatively lower price.

Entry Age (years) 
Coverage TypeIndividual cover for women
Sum Insured (Rs) 
Policy Term (years)1
Pre Policy Medical Check UpUpto 40 years of age: not required;
for 41-45 years of age: not required upto Sum Insured of Rs 1lakh;
above 45 years of age: not required upto Sum Insured of Rs 50,000
Grace Period for Policy Renewal15 days grace period is allowed to policyholder for payment of premium.
Policy TerminationPolicyholder is allowed to terminate the policy at anytime by giving a 15 day written notice. In case no claim has been made under the policy, percentage of premium will be refunded
Customer Service 
AddressBajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited. GE Plaza, Airport Road, Yerawad, Pune - 411006
Mail to[email protected]
Call to1800 225858(BSNL/ MTNL); 1800 1025858 (Bharti users- mobile/ landline) or 020 30305858
Additions to the Plan
Scope Of Cover
Critical illness
Women specific Critical Illness100% Sum Insured
Breast Cancercovered
Fallopian Tube Cancercovered
Uterine/ Cervical Cancercovered
Ovarian Cancercovered
Vaginal Cancercovered
Birth of Child with congenital disability50% of Sum Insured; for first two children and below 40 years of age for proposer
Downu0092s syndromecovered
Congenital cyanotic heart diseasecovered
Tracheo-esophageal fistulacovered
Cleft palate with or without cleft lipcovered
Spina bifidacovered
Children Education BonusRs 25000 becomes payable for future education on diagnosis of critical illness for insured
Loss of JobRs 25000 on loss of job within 3months of diagnosis of critical illness
Exclusions and Waiting Period
Waiting period90 days for critical illness cover and child born with congenital disability benefit
Survival Period30 days for insured on diagnosis of critical illness and 30 days for child in case born with congenital disability
Other ExclusionsExpecting mothers cannot take this policy before 3 months have elapsed post delivery.AIDS and or other related diseases.War, participation in any criminal activity or any other related condition.
Annual Premium
Sum Insured (in Rs)
Age (in years)50000100000150000
upto 25250375500
Figures are indicative premium for appropriate sum assured for each age band excluding service tax