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Equity-linked savings schemes, or ELSS as they are popularly known, are the most suitable alternative to build wealth while saving taxes under Section 80C. But you ...  should consider investing these funds only if you don't need to redeem your money for at least the next five years. Over this timeframe, you can expect gains that comfortably beat the rate of inflation and the returns offered by fixed income options. But be prepared for ups and downs in your investment value along the way. The table below lists ELSS funds rated four or five star by Value Research.  Read more

Fund name Rating Analysts' View Category
Expense Ratios (%) Add to watchlist Add to My Investments
Returns (%) Returns (growth of 1 lakh) SIP Return (%) SIP Return (growth of 10k/mth)
PDFAxis Long Term Equity Dir
4 star
PDFBOI AXA Tax Advantage Dir | Invest Online
4 star
PDFCanara Robeco Eqt Tax Saver Dir | Invest Online
5 star
PDFDSP Tax Saver Dir | Invest Online
4 star
PDFIDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS) Dir
4 star
PDFInvesco India Tax Dir | Invest Online
4 star
PDFJM Tax Gain Dir
4 star
PDFKotak Tax Saver Dir | Invest Online
4 star
PDFMirae Asset Tax Saver Dir | Invest Online
5 star
PDFPGIM India Long Term Eqt Dir | Invest Online
4 star
PDFQuant Tax Dir
5 star