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Critical financial lessons from Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic hit the world as no one had ever imagined. It tested the resilience of not only the global healthcare system but the global financial system as well. Confronting it taught us some critical life lessons. This ebook talks about the most important financial lessons taught by the pandemic.


What this guide will teach you

  • What are the most important things to address while building your portfolio?
  • How to deal with the ever-changing landscape of equity markets?
  • Which are the tools to equip yourself with to enhance your investing journey?

What our readers say

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  • My experience with Value Research has been excellent and very informative. It is extremely useful for retail investors.

  • Value Research was my first guide to personal finance and mutual funds. Even now, it helps me a lot by enriching my knowledge and updating me about the current market situation, while also clearing away confusion during the ups and downs of the market.

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