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How to make the most of your mutual fund investments by tracking its progress

By monitoring your funds, you ensure your investments are working for you

How to make the most of your mutual fund investments by tracking its progressAnand Kumar

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In this Beginner's guide to mutual funds, we have covered the following topics:

The final piece in the jigsaw is tracking your mutual fund investments.

While it doesn't make sense to track its daily or monthly performance, you should monitor their progress once or twice a year.

While a few periods of underperformance are justifiable, you may need to switch if your fund cannot beat the majority of its peers or its benchmark consistently.

In other words, your duty as an investor doesn't end with investing. You must ensure your investment is working for you.

How to track your mutual fund investments

  • All fund houses are mandated by law to disclose various details, such as NAV, expense ratio and scheme portfolio on their websites.
  • In addition, the monthly performance and portfolio of these funds is e-mailed to you by fund houses for your easy reference.
  • For a concise overview of your scheme, fund fact sheets can come in handy. It is a single-page document disclosed monthly, revealing lots of information about the fund. This can be downloaded from either the fund house's website or AMFI.
  • You can also find all such vital details on respective fund pages on our website Our website can also help you compare your funds' performances with its peers.

If you eventually start investing in multiple funds and feel tracking all these funds is a headache, you can log in to Consolidated Account Statement (CAS). It is a one-stop information portal for all your mutual fund and equity investments.

You can request your CAS from the website of the RTAs, such as CAMS and KFintech.

To further build your knowledge about mutual funds, you can check our articles on the website. While finance can seem intimidating, they are written in simple, engaging and jargon-free language. And most importantly, they are investor-centric!

We have a dedicated 'Get Started' section, too, so you can start investing with confidence.

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