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Change in Names of Few Schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund

Reliance Mutual Fund has announced a change in the names of the following schemes, with effect from March 30, 2017:

Old NameNew Name
R*Shares Bank BeESReliance ETF Bank BeES
R*Shares CNX 100 ETFReliance ETF Nifty 100
R*Shares Consumption ETFReliance ETF Consumption
R*Shares Dividend Opportunities ETFReliance ETF Dividend Opportunities
R*Shares Gold BeESReliance ETF Gold BeES
R*Shares Hang Seng BeESReliance ETF Hang Seng BeES
R*Shares Infra BeESReliance ETF Infra BeES
R*Shares Junior BeESReliance ETF Junior BeES
R*Shares Liquid BeESReliance ETF Liquid BeES
R*Shares Long Term Gilt ETFReliance ETF Long Term Gilt
R*Shares Nifty BeESReliance ETF Nifty BeES
R*Shares NV20 ETFReliance ETF NV20
R*Shares PSU Bank BeESReliance ETF PSU Bank BeES
R*Shares Sensex ETFReliance ETF Sensex
R*Shares Shariah BeESReliance ETF Shariah BeES