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Should I buy term insurance from online aggregators or from the insurer's website?

Online aggregators can greatly help you compare policies offered by different companies to choose the most suitable one

Which is the best platform to buy term insurance policy? Aggregators like policybazaar, coverfox, etc. or individual company website?
-Arunabh Singh

There are various options to buy insurance plans -- directly from the insurer via their webpage, or offline through the insurer's agent, or through various aggregator sites such as Policybazaar.com, Coverfox, etc. Buying online has now become very simple and offers two key benefits - 1) Online plans are cheaper than the offline ones; and 2) You can compare plans offered by different companies to choose the best one.

Besides, there is complete transparency in the online process as everything is there on the screen in front of you. A simple approach can be to compare policies on an aggregator's website to choose the most suitable one, then check the premium amount on the chosen company's website as well, then buy from the one where you get a better deal.
But be sure to compare policies on parameters such as premium amount (lower the better) and claims ratio (higher the better). Also, make sure you read the policy features, terms and conditions carefully before buying.

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