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Five stocks poised for take-off

We bring you 4 stocks that are on an improvement course and would make a good investment case at this stage

All corporations go through their ups and downs. More often than not, such tough periods are prolonged, extracted and wear off any love that the market and investors have of such stocks. Think of Infosys. Once the darling of the market, Infosys was shunned by investors and attacked by critics once the company started underperforming.

The period of underperformance in fundamentally sound companies is often followed by corrective steps that companies take. These could either be writing off the losses of the past and starting afresh, coming out of a capital-intensive investment phase, turning around of a loss-making division or even the appointment of a very capable CEO.

We bring to you five such breakout stocks - stocks that are poised for take-off. Each of these stocks is on an improvement course. It would pay to consider them as investments at this stage.

  1. Bajaj Electricals
  2. Cipla Ltd
  3. Infosys
  4. Shriram Transport Finance
  5. Suprajit Engineering