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Nayara Energy: Updates on Post Delisting Offer

Essar Oil Ltd has submitted to BSE a Copy of public announcement (?Exit Offer PA?) is being issued by Oil Bidco (Mauritius) Limited (?OBML?/ the ?Promoter') provide an exit opportunity in accordance with Regulation 21 of the Securities & Exchange Board of India (Delisting of Equity Shares) Regulations, 2009, as amended (?Delisting Regulations?) to the remaining Public Shareholders (?Residual Shareholders) of Essar Oil Limited ('Company?) in respect of the voluntary delisting of the Equity Shares of the Company from the National Stock Exchange of India (?NSE?) and the BSE Limited (?BSE? and together with the NSE, the ?Stock Exchanges?) (?Delisting Offer?).

This Exit Offer PA is in continuation and should be read in conjunction with, (i) the public announcement dated December 5,2015 (the ?PA?), (ii) the letter of offer dated December 5,2015 (?Offer Letter?), and (iii) the post offer public announcement dated December 30,2015 (?Post Offer PA?).

Capitalised terms used but not defined in this Exit Offer PA shall have the same meaning assigned to them as in the PA, the Offer Letter and the Post Offer PA, unless otherwise specified been accepted by such resident Residual Shareholders holding shares in physical form.

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