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2 star

HSBC Managed Solutions India - Moderate - Direct Plan

1 Lakh

Investment Grown to
₹ 1.63 Lakh

₹ 10000

Monthly SIP Grown to
₹ 5.14 Lakh


Multi Asset Allocation funds invest your money in a mix of equity shares, bonds and commodities (usually gold) such that each has at least 10 per cent allocation at all times.

We don’t think highly of gold or other commodities as an investment. Read this article to know why. Therefore, we believe that investors can avoid these funds altogether. Instead, they might consider other varieties of hybrid funds — aggressive hybrid, balanced hybrid and conservative hybrid — which invest your money in equity shares and bonds in different proportions. You can choose from these depending upon your investment horizon, return expectations and ability to withstand volatility in the value of your investments.

Taxability of earnings:

The tax treatment of this fund may vary depending upon its asset allocation. It will be taxed in the following manner based on its average asset allocation in the last 12 months.

Capital gains

  • If the mutual fund units are sold after 3 years from the date of investment, gains are taxed at the rate of 20% after providing the benefit of inflation indexation.
  • If the mutual fund units are sold within 3 years from the date of investment, entire amount of gain is added to the investors' income and taxed according to the applicable slab rate.
  • No tax is to be paid as long as you continue to hold the units.


  • Dividends are added to the income of the investors and taxed according to their respective tax slabs. Further, if an investor's dividend income exceeds Rs. 5,000 in a financial year, the fund house also deducts a TDS of 10% before distributing the dividend.

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Trailing Returns (%)

YTD 1-Day 1-W 1-M 3-M 6-M 1-Y 3-Y 5-Y 7-Y 10-Y
Fund 25.02 0.50 1.76 4.00 10.22 20.62 41.72 17.60 12.64 12.88 --
VR Balanced TRI* 28.82 0.66 2.62 4.46 14.34 23.76 49.29 20.02 15.93 13.39 --
Hybrid: Multi Asset Allocation* 24.18 -0.44 1.10 3.15 8.00 18.16 37.22 16.94 11.57 11.01 --

As on 18-Oct-2021

* As on 19-Oct-2021

Peer Comparison

Fund name Rating Launch Date 1-Year Return 3-Year Return 5-Year Return Expense Ratio Assets (Cr)
HSBC Managed Solutions India - Moderate - Direct Plan  | Invest Online
2 star
Apr-14 41.72 17.60 12.64 1.28% 72
Axis Triple Advantage Fund - Direct Plan
5 star
Jan-13 45.78 23.71 15.12 0.46% 1,435
SBI Multi Asset Allocation Fund - Direct Plan  | Invest Online
5 star
Jan-13 25.65 14.97 11.12 1.00% 460
ICICI Prudential Multi Asset Fund - Direct Plan  | Invest Now
2 star
Jan-13 66.35 19.77 16.03 1.24% 12,405
HDFC Asset Allocator FoF - Direct Plan  | Invest Online
May-21 -- -- -- 0.10% 1,851

Best & Worst Performance

Best Performance Worst Performance
Return (%) Period Return (%) Period
Week 6.29 24-Mar-2020 - 31-Mar-2020 -11.97 11-Mar-2020 - 18-Mar-2020
Month 12.90 23-Mar-2020 - 22-Apr-2020 -25.16 20-Feb-2020 - 23-Mar-2020
Quarter 20.41 23-Mar-2020 - 22-Jun-2020 -23.34 23-Dec-2019 - 23-Mar-2020
Year 59.78 23-Mar-2020 - 23-Mar-2021 -19.82 22-Mar-2019 - 23-Mar-2020

Risk Measures (%)

Mean Std Dev Sharpe Sortino Beta Alpha
Fund 15.46 14.25 0.81 0.86 0.77 1.16
VR Balanced TRI 17.41 18.03 0.75 0.87 -- --
Hybrid: Multi Asset Allocation 15.20 13.77 0.82 0.94 0.66 2.41

The Risk Measures have been calculated using calendar month returns for the last three years.

As on 30-Sep-2021

Asset Allocation (%)

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Concentration & Valuation

The underlying data is unavailable.

Value Research Equity Fund Style

Value Research Debt Fund Style

Credit Rating vis-à-vis Category

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Top Debt Holdings

Company Instrument Credit Rating 1Y Range % Assets
equal HSBC Income Short Term Dirct-G Mutual Fund -- 15.13 - 19.25 19.25
equal HSBC Income Invest. Direct-G Mutual Fund -- 8.45 - 9.76 9.47
equal HSBC Flexi Debt Direct-G Mutual Fund -- 5.76 - 8.97 5.98

up down equal Indicates an increase or decrease or no change in holding since last portfolio
new Indicates a new holding since last portfolio

Sector Allocation vis-à-vis Category

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Top Equity Holdings

Company Sector P/E 3Y High 3Y Low % Assets
down HSBC equity Direct-G Financial -- 48.51
down HSBC Midcap Equity Direct-G Financial -- 16.53

up down equal Indicates an increase or decrease or no change in holding since last portfolio
new Indicates a new holding since last portfolio

As on 30-Sep-2021

Fund Manager

— Gautam Bhupal since 21-Oct-2015

Education: Mr. Bhupal holds a PGDBM and is a CA, CS and B.Com (Hons)

Experience: Prior to joining HSBC Mutual Fund he was working with IDFC Asset Management Company Ltd., Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd., Infosys Ltd., Vickers Ballas Securities Ltd., SBC Warburg, UTI Securities Ltd.

Funds Managed:


Change from previous, NAV as on 18-Oct-2021

Growth: ₹ 26.1269

IDCW: ₹ 16.3765

Investment Strategy

The scheme seeks to provide long term total return primarily by seeking capital appreciation through an active asset allocation with diversification commensurate with the risk profile of investments by investing predominantly in units of equity mutual funds as well as in a basket of debt mutual funds, gold ETFs and other ETFs, offshore mutual funds and money market instruments.

Investment Details

Minimum Investment (₹) 5,000
Minimum Addl Investment (₹) 1,000
Minimum SIP Investment (₹) 500
Minimum No of Cheques 12
Minimum Withdrawal (₹) 1
Minimum Balance (₹) 1,000
Lock-in Period Not Applicable
Exit Load 1% for redemption within 365 days

Basic Details

Fund House: HSBC Mutual Fund
Launch Date: 30-Apr-2014
Return Since Launch: 13.71%
Benchmark: CRISIL Hybrid 35+65 Aggressive Index
Riskometer: High
Type: Open-ended
Assets: ₹ 72 Cr (As on 30-Sep-2021)
Expense: 1.28% (As on 31-Aug-2021)
Risk Grade: High
Return Grade: Average
Turnover: --

Contact Information

AMC: HSBC Global Asset Management Company (India) Private Limited

Address: 9-11th Floor, NESCO - IT Park Bldg. 3, Nesco Complex, Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai - 400063

Phone: 022-66145000 / 66668819 / 1800-200-2434

Fax: 022-40029600

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.assetmanagement.hsbc.co.in

Registrar & Transfer Agent: Computer Age Management Services Ltd.

Address: 7th Floor, Tower II, Rayala Towers, 158, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600002

Phone: 1800-3010-6767 / 1800-419-7676

Fax: 044-30407101

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.camsonline.com

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