Discover the stock that grew 45x in 2 decades!

The company

JSW Steel, a steel manufacturing company, gave 21% annual returns in the last 20 years. Swipe to know what led to these impressive returns.


It was the first to introduce a franchise-based model through JSW Shoppe, bypassing traditional middlemen and fostering stronger customer relationships.

Game-changing partnerships

It improved its technological expertise through partnerships with global giants. The key partnerships were with JFE Steel in 2009 and Marubeni-Itochu in 2011.

Smart acquisitions

It enhanced scale through acquisitions. Two major acquisitions: Welspun Maxsteel and Bhushan Steel and Power.

The path ahead

It has inked a joint venture with JFE Steel Corporation to make grain-oriented electrical steel used in transformers. Production is expected to commence by FY27.

A word of caution

Investors should not ignore the high cyclicality of the stock. It periodically goes through severe margin contractions (contd.)

A word of caution - 2

Its operating margin fell from 23% in 2022 to 7% in 2023. Also, this is not a stock recommendation. Do the due diligence before investing.

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