Meet the fund manager who oversees Rs 1.58 lakh cr of investors’ money!

Who is the fund manager in focus?

Rama Iyer Srinivasan: CIO-Equity, SBI Mutual Fund, He is the biggest fund manager in the country, He manages assets worth Rs 1,57,780 crore across 6 schemes.

His performance

The funds that have been managed by Srinivasan for a longer duration, especially the small-cap fund, have performed well. The new ones need a boost, though.

1. SBI Focused Equity

Launch Date: May 2009, Returns: 20.3%, Category Returns: 15.2%, Category Rank: 1/23

2. SBI Equity Hybrid

Launch Date: Jan 2012, Returns: 15.4%, Category Returns: 13.2%, Category Rank: 4/24

3. SBI Small Cap

Launch Date: Nov 2013, Returns: 28.0%, Category Returns: 22.9%, Category Rank: 2/10

4. SBI Magnum Children's Benefit - Investment Plan

Launch Date: Sep 2020, Returns: 40.7%, Category Returns: 20.1%, Category Rank: 1/41

5. SBI Flexicap

Launch Date: Jan 2022, Returns: 11.8%, Category Returns: 13.4%, Category Rank: 48/64

6. SBI Multicap

Launch Date: Feb 2022, Returns: 16.1%, Category Returns: 22.7%, Category Rank: 14/14

Important note

Data as of Mar 26, 2024, for the regular plans he has been managing prior to Jan 2013. Only diversified equity-oriented funds managed for more than a year have been considered

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