7 things to look for when buying health insurance

1. Sub-limit

It is a cap on expenses like room rent, ICU charges & doctor’s fees. Having a sub-limit for basic expenses can pose a problem. So, the fewer the sub-limits, the better the plan.

2. Co-pay

You are required to pay a percentage of the medical expenses. Check this especially when you are getting a policy for seniors. The lower the co-pay amount, the better.

3. Exclusion

Insurance policies don’t cover all medical conditions. For pre-existing conditions, they may have a waiting period. So, get a policy with the shortest waiting period.

4. Restoration benefit

It refreshes your sum insured if it’s used up within a year. Some insurers allow unlimited restorations while others cap it just once. So, more restorations may drive up premiums

5. Annual medical test

Insurance policies cover annual tests. Check centres do these check-ups, the types of tests included and if you can avail them on a cashless basis.

6. Pre- and post-hospitalisation

Many plans cover treatment expenses before and after hospitalisation. Get a plan that offers at least 30 days of pre-hospitalisation treatment and 30-60 days’ care after discharge

7. Domiciliary hospitalisation or treatment at home

Having home healthcare options in your insurance plan can be advantageous, assuming this added feature doesn’t significantly increase your premium.

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