Which sectors look attractive now? Fund manager overseeing Rs 8,600 cr tells us

Introducing Ramesh Mantri

The chief investment officer at WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund manages around Rs 8,600 crore of investor money across 11 schemes (equity and hybrid).

Performance record

Among these funds, WhiteOak Capital Mid Cap Fund and WhiteOak Capital ELSS Tax Saver rank eighth in their respective categories in the last 12 months.

Let’s start with his investment philosophy

How do you earn outsized returns? Mr Mantri suggests that it lies in having a combination of a great business and attractive valuations.

What’s a great business, as per him?

It’s a business that a) generates superior returns over incremental capital, b) possesses great growth potential and c) carries a great record executing their plans.

Where does he find potential value?

He finds opportunities lie in the banking and financial services sector, and its valuations are attractive.

Which other sectors look attractive?

Pharmaceuticals and chemicals have gone through a fair amount of correction. He finds their valuations more reasonable now.

Will mid and small caps remain hot?

Valuations need to dip by 10-15% for the fund house’s investable universe to expand. He feels a time and price correction is essential for it to be attractive and ripe for picking.

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