The incredible five-year record of Quant’s equity funds

A cut above

Since 2020, most Quant equity funds have beaten their next-closest rival in almost every category. That, too, over a five-year period.

Great success

Forget about being in the top quartile on a consistent basis, Quant’s equity funds have generated alpha over the closest rivals in almost every category.

Their recipe for success

Their quantitative model analyses valuation, risk appetite and liquidity. This helps them time the market.

Value Research has been a sceptic

We have usually steered clear of Quant funds because we don’t understand their stock-picking strategy.

But we have to take them seriously

However, their consistent performance over the last five years has compelled us to appreciate their success.

Should you invest in these funds?

While Quant funds are technically not momentum funds, our latest Mutual Fund Insight edition looked at their utility. You can read the full story here.

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