Can my PPF account continue to earn tax-free returns after maturity?

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Yes, you can earn tax-free returns even after the PPF account has matured. (A PPF account has a lock-in period of 15 years).

For how long you can earn tax-free interest

You’ll earn tax-free interest till the previous month from the time you close your account. So, if you decide to close it in Mar’ 2026, you’ll get returns till Feb’ 2026.

Can you make fresh deposits in a matured PPF account?

No, you can’t do that if your account has matured. You’ll have to start a fresh PPF account.

Is there any other option for making fresh deposits in a mature account?

There is. You’ll need to inform your bank or post office to extend the PPF account for a block of five years within a year of its maturity.

What you should know

Extend the matured PPF account by opting for the ‘With deposit’ option.

What is the ‘With deposit’ option?

While you can make fresh deposits, you can withdraw money just once a year. Also, the total withdrawal can’t exceed 60% of the balance at the start of the five-year period.

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