Mutual Fund Insight’s April issue is out now!

Are momentum funds worth your time and money? (Page 32)

They are growing even faster than small-cap funds. Here’s what you should do.

Get the 7 best mid-cap and small-cap funds chosen by our analysts (Page 42)

Warren Buffett once said that he invests ‘like a woman’ (Page 50)

Know why

Is it time to invest in gilt funds right now? (Page 14)

We suggest which type of investors should go for them

Identifying the 8 stocks that have helped mutual funds strike gold recently (Page 12)

Should you invest in them?

Is it the end of the road for international funds? (Page 22)

The future for these funds appears tense. We explain what you should do.

Catching up with a veteran fund manager with a stellar long-term track record (Page 25)

He also explains why both his funds are struggling of late

A discussion with a heavyweight of the mutual fund world (Page 18)

This famous personality on Twitter reveals why he has felt a little outdated while reviewing new-age companies

Should you prepay your education loan? (Page 28)

Or, is there a better solution?

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