JG Chemicals IPO: The Good and The Bad

About the company

JG Chemicals is one of India’s leading zinc oxide manufacturers. It has a market share of 30% (as of March 2022) and operates three manufacturing plants in India

IPO details

Post IPO

Financial history

Key ratios

The Good - 1

Long-term relationships with customers: In the last three financial years, it catered to over 250 customers, of whom around 90% were repeat customers.

The Good - 2

High client stickiness: The industries it supplies to are subject to stringent regulatory and industry standards; hence, switching costs are high.

The Bad - 1

Revenue Concentration: The rubber and tyre industry accounted for 91% of 9M FY24 revenue.

The Bad - 2

Lack of long-term agreements. It relies on international suppliers for raw materials but has no long-term agreements with them.

Risk report

Is the company's net debt-to-equity ratio less than one? Yes, as of December 2023, its net debt-to-equity ratio was 0.1.

To read the complete risk report., visit vro.in

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